View Full Version : Need help with pie chart in mappoint using vba

02-22-2005, 11:27 AM
Hi All,
I am using Mappoint 2004 with Excel 2002(XP) and VBA. I am able to create a map programmatically and show it on a worksheet. But now I need to display a map with pie charts. I am getting so many different errors for that. Can someone post some sample code please ?

Sample Data :


Name City State Zipcode Demand1 Demand2 Demand3 Demand4
AAA Austin TX 78759 50 100 200 150
BBB Fairfax VA 22033 75 125 100 200
CCC Mobile AL 11111 125 200 200 50

I was trying to use the datasets.importdata method first and then call displaydatamaps method. But I am getting errors.

I would appreciate it very much.