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06-11-2008, 11:12 AM
Good Afternoon guys. I hope I can explain what I am doing, so here goes.
I am using Excel 2007. In Sheet1 I have a chart and data that I am bringing over from Sheet2 using the VLoookup command. If I put a symbol
in A1 and hit return VLookup brings back from Sheet2 the data I need.
At this point everything is ok. There is some data I need from a site named ETFConnect.com so I started a macro. In Excel 2007 I went to the Data Tab, then From the Web, entered in the Site. At the site I highlighted the areas I wanted to download. Downloaded the data in Sheet4. I then stopped the Macro. At this point I have no problems.
My question is when I change the symbol in Sheet1, Cell A1 to another symbol how do I get the Macro to see the new symbol and go to the web site and enter the new symbol in the symbol box so I get the new data.
I hope you understand this because I don't. Just Joking.
Thanks for your time with this.

Ken Puls
06-11-2008, 08:35 PM
Can you post the code you have? It might help for us to see that so that we can tell which piece needs to change. :)