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07-09-2008, 11:52 PM

I have a form with a series of comboboxes. I would like to pass the values of the comboboxes to an array. I'll check if there are duplicates in the database. for the input which are not duplicates I'll store the values in the database.

i would have 2 questions:

- is it a good strategy?
- how do i pass the values of the comboboxes into the array??

i have a problem with the "i" in the loop...

Dim aSecurities()
ReDim aSecurities(1 To 6, 4)
For i = 1 To 6
aSecurities(i, 1) = Sectype & i & .value
aSecurities(i, 2) = Zone & i &. value
aSecurities(i, 3) = Valoren & i & .value
aSecurities(i, 4) = Ticker & i & .value
Next i

i've been trying using double quotes and another few tricks but it didnt work...

does anyone have an idea on how to deal with this please?

07-10-2008, 12:04 AM
If I understand correctly,
aSecurities(i, 1) = controls("Sectype" & i) .value

07-10-2008, 12:55 AM
thanks you!
it works wonderfully well... :)

I've done this (early exit if the valoren is empty)

ReDim aSecurities(1 To 6, 4)
For i = 1 To 6
Control = Controls("Valoren" & i).Value
If Control = "" Then Exit For
aSecurities(i, 1) = Controls("Sectype" & i).Value
aSecurities(i, 2) = Controls("Zone" & i).Value
aSecurities(i, 3) = Controls("Valoren" & i).Value
aSecurities(i, 4) = Controls("Ticker" & i).Value
Next i

just a quick question:

I'd need to check for duplicates using the Valoren (which is stored in asecurities(i,3) ) as each security has a unique one. if this is a new Valoren I'll add the data from the form.

what strategy would you suggest?? a vlookup? a match? something "lighter"?