View Full Version : Utilizing VBA in an Outlook Rule

03-15-2005, 11:52 PM
VBA Novice needs some help.

First off, is it possible to link more than one Office app together in one VBA script?

I currently have system generated e-mails come into my inbox from the same sender several times daily. I want to be able to either save the mail as text or copy the mail text (including message evelope) and paste/import into an excel file.

From there I have a macro currently set up to extract the info I need and organize into rows and columns.

Once spliced in Excel, I have a Word form that links to the Excel file to autopopulate a form.

Once the form is populated I then want to attach it to an e-mail and send to the same address everytime.

Not sure if this is just a pipe dream or if it can actually be done.

I tried make it as simple as possible, but any and all opinions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


03-17-2005, 05:06 AM
Hi Ross,

I've posted a reply here