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01-16-2009, 01:40 PM
I have this formula but cannot make the exit sub function work when I insert this command. I want the box to close when okay is selected to eliminate the possibility of duplicate entries


Private Sub Okay_Click()
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If

Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
ActiveCell.Value = Ministry.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = FiscalYear.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2) = TypeOfDoc.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) = DocPpdBy.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4) = EnteredBy.Value

With Worksheets("entry")
If Not .AutoFilterMode Then
End If
.EnableAutoFilter = True
.Protect , _
Contents:=True, UserInterfaceOnly:=True

End With

End Sub

Bob Phillips
01-16-2009, 01:48 PM
What box are you referring to? Is it a userform or something else?

01-16-2009, 02:12 PM
Welcome to the forum- it's always good to see new members.

If your click event refers to a UserForm, then you can close the forum using this code:
Me refers to the current, active form- the form that the code is behind. Unload closes the UserForm and clears the memory.

If this isn't the answer you're looking for, then please provide some more detail.

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01-16-2009, 02:51 PM
I have tried the Me.Upload and it errors out. The macro allows the user to enter in data via a form with drop down choices. Once completed they can select the okay button on the user form to enter the data. At this point I would like the box/user form to close.

Please advise

01-16-2009, 04:27 PM
unload me

just above End Sub