View Full Version : Solved: Problem With New Info In Existing Table

03-31-2005, 11:50 AM
Hi again to everyone,

This is one that has been driving me nuts for about a year now.

I have created a database that is linked to a full service program that stores our customers, estimates, invoices etc.... So in my database I have linked custinfo to custinfo in the above mentioned database. This is where is gets goofy. The new database has an estimating program of it's own that I use for other purposes and I access current customers by entering there customer code, but, if I have an estimate to do for someone new that isn't a customer, I can enter their information, print the estimate, but it will not retain their name address etc. because it is a linked table and will not allow new additions via the new database. What I would like to be able to do is access the current info and also be able to add new info. What I think I need is some sort of table and/or query that would encompass both worlds, if that is possible. I have tried multple combinations of queries and tables without any success. Oh one other factor in all of this. The initial program is based on Access97 and is not upgradeable ( it is compiled and I don't not own the key) so I literally have to copy and paste all new customer information to a copy of this program to update the current info. If I link directly to it from my database, it corrupts it and causes major problems. If this sounds confusing it is and I will try to clarify it if anyone has any ideas or questions.

Thanks in advance,


04-08-2005, 03:27 PM
I had to do a work-around by creating a new customer table that wasn't linked and will have to manually update when a new customer is added to the original program. Lousy way to do it but I can't see any other reasonable way. If this was all inclusive in one database it would be easy as pie.