View Full Version : VBA Excel and IE login info "Not Sharing"

04-17-2009, 05:59 PM
I have a Excel 2007 Document that tracks some information on Goal Line Blitz.com....

http://www.victoruno.com/glb_tracker...cker%20v18.rar (http://www.victoruno.com/glb_tracker/GLB%20Excel%20Tracker%20v18.rar)

A requirement for this to work is the User opens up IE and logs into Goal Line Blitz( http://goallineblitz.com/game/login.pl (http://goallineblitz.com/game/login.pl) ). Then goes to the GLB Tracker(the excel document) and starts the VBA macro. (Sheet: Roster Tracker, Button: Track Roster, Macro: Roster_Tracker)

This macro simply uses Webqueries to go to specific pages and pull that info into Excel. Now when users run this, the webqueries don't recognize that IE is running in the background and does not recognize that the user has logged into the GLB webpage.

Now, on my system and many others the script runs perfectly no problem, but on a growing number of systems this "Lack of Sharing" problem happens.

I have had them shut their Firewall off, checked their Excel Options, and used many other ways to access internet through VBA. Still no solution.

I am would like to figure this out though it is tough to do since on my system it works fine. If anyone has any clues, please let me know.

04-18-2009, 06:26 AM
Sounds like potential security hole that got patched. Or perhaps a feature made deliberately obsolete.

I stopped using webqueries a long time ago, because they caused me nothing but grief.

You can probably do this with webqueries, but there are other options.

1. You can automate IE directly using one of the Windows Objects.

2. Use the Windows HTTP object directly. This is a little faster and less resource intensive, but the return text is not processed through IE (its raw html text).

You should be able to automate the login/credentials with both of these methods.

If you just need to download some DB-type data, the best thing to do is use Windows API functions to DL a CSV file and open it directly in Excel.