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06-17-2009, 03:48 AM
First of all I am new here and new to excel programing. I am from Romania so please excuse me if I make a lot of writing mistakes.
Right now I'm using Microsoft Office 2007 and i have 2 files on wich i'm working on. first one is "Cerere de oferta+comanda ferma" and the second one is book1 that are attached both.
Now I have several problems that i want to solve.
First I must solve the Cerere de oferta(price request) to look something like the userform1 that is in this book. It's a model for asking for prices and for ordering some construction materials. I have problems with the filling of the cells where the order heather is located because i want to be able to select a customer and then excel should fill my phone number, fax number etc.
Or I should somehow make a program that exports the order like a report or something. and of course when i want to print the form, on the paper it should not see the arrows from the comboboxes and should get the current date.
In book 1 where the select firma combobox is i want it to list just the name of the firm in the combobox and in the cells to write all the firm's detail like phone number and name etc. And i want to be able to switch from price request( cerere de oferta) to order (Comanda ferma).
And if it's possible to make some applications launch from the program like in the sheet "index" from "Cerere de oferta+comanda ferma" and some weblinks and a convertor.
I thought this could be solved by adding some tabs like in the userform1.
And there is a adress book to, with telephone numbers.

In the assembly list tab there is a report from a program calle x-steel.
from that list i have to make another list in wich i must know from IPE160 how much meters and from plate with thicknes of 25mm how much kg i have to orderi made several macros to help me with that baut there is still a alot of work to do.
Now if could make a program in vb to help me with that....
and when i open the file it's taking a lot of time to open it.

Thank you