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07-01-2009, 06:14 AM
Hi, I'm a newbie to VBA and although my first project for my company went well their next request I fear is way over my head.

We receive updates to pricelists and i need to do a lookup on the spreadsheet as if i'm ordering from a menu

The part number is broken down in components with a price for each component and together it makes a part on our pricelist.

eg. 10FRE0045H10XL-A00-07C2,5-00P00

it would be
10FRE0045 = 310
H10XL = 231
A = 0
0 = 0
0 = 0
0 = 0
7 = 9.80
C2,5 = 34
00 = 0
P = 0
0 = 0
0 = 0

Gives you grand total of (310+231+9.8+34) 584.8 for the whole part

Now I need to be able to enter the partnumber in a cell and then have the values searched from the spreadsheet.

1st problem is the way I receive the info on the spreadsheet (see example)

How do i tackle it Do I first extract the data out of the forms or would i be able to work on the spreadsheet as is (last one would be easier for me as it's the way I receive it from my supplier)

07-01-2009, 06:52 AM
This could possibly be done by manually splitting your complex number to a set of cells. I don't believe it can be easily fully automated
However, I cannot relate your figures to the data. Can you repost your example with added comments and highlight the data cells from which you obtain your samples. More than one sample data would make things clearer.