View Full Version : iexplorer macro

12-01-2009, 02:18 PM
I'm looking for code that will:

1) open iexplorer when ctl(x) is pressed
2) navigate to google maps
3) copy (n) rows containing addresses (one row at a time)
4) paste address into gmaps & search for map
5) print the map
6) increment until a blank row is detected & shut down iexplorer

If the printing is difficult, it would be useful to just have gmaps open (n) separate wiindows and I could print manually. I've seen some code that opens iexplorer and navigates to a particular site but I'm a VB beginner so it's difficult to manipulate the code. Thanks to anyone out there who's competence level is greater than mine (that might be most of you) ; ) Bill in Fort Collins