View Full Version : Copy and paste data based on criteria

04-15-2010, 12:53 PM
I need help writing a macro to copy and paste data based on criteria in a loop.

Data to be copied starts in Row 25 and ends in Row 66 at the word "Stop"

The criteria for each example is shaded in blue in rows 2&3(New Rating and Old Rating).

Starting with the first example- If the New Rating =Buy and the Old Rating = Initiating then copy all rows from 25:66 that have Buy in column D and Initiating in column E. Then paste these rows as values into the data input starting in A87.

The results should now appear in A8:D22. Next copy and paste as values these results into F8:I22.

Clear the data from the data input and then go to the next example. New Rating=Buy and Old Rating = Neutral

I would like a macro to loop through every example.

Does this make sense? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!