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04-18-2010, 11:50 PM
Dear All,

OMR id is 703018994
Password is ahy

I want only simple Time tracking sheet through which we can track the time of employee for their each activity doing in office hour.

Below the details which reqired in sheet.

1> There should be Start button and by clicking on start button Serial Nmber should come in "A4,(as shown in send excel sheet) and date should be capture in C4, and the time should capture in D4. And then Start button should be inactive till last step( as given in below 3rd point)

2> There should be Done button, and by clicking on that (Done button) time again should be capture in F4, (as end time of one activity) and difference of start time and end time (D4 - F4) should be calculate in G4 (in same format as given in send excel sheet hours:minute:seconds).

At same time, time should be capture in D5 again, means end time will be end of one activity and the same will start time for another acitivity.

3> Lastly there should be Submit button and by clicking on submit button all data of current sheet should be move in another sheet. Means whole day activity should be moved in another sheet.

Attachment is for ur ref.