View Full Version : Reading a Unicode file into a rich text box

06-16-2004, 09:12 AM
I am trying to create a simple thesaurus. However, some of the words require the use of the letter a with a macron on it, which is unicode 257. I am storing the words in notepad. When I save the words, encrypted in ANSI, my program runs fine but the unicode 257 is viewed as an ordinary a. When I save the words, encrupted in Unicode, or even save the file as a unicode file, my program stops running.

If lang.listindex = 0 Then Filename = App.Path & "English.txt"

How does one read in a unicode file into a rich text box?

I appreciate any input that the group can offer. I am learning a great deal from you and from making my way around the site, but I didn't find any advice on this particular subject.

Thank you in advance,

a much appreciative john