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05-16-2005, 02:09 AM
Two workbook names:


Output Workbook name:


Above two workbook names are given for one project done by 2 partners with appending characters as ILYS and RMSH.

Now ILYS and RMSH hv done this project accordingly in their own file.

Possiblities are of doing erorrs/mistakes either in ILYS or RMSH.

Now I want to compare this two files in Output Workbook (Result_PROJ).

Procedure requred:

1- Open Project_ILYS and Project_RMSH file
2- Copy all sheets of Project_ILYS and Paste it in new workbook and save as Result_PROJ file.
3- Delete other sheets which was opened by default while opening new workbook (eg. delete= sheet1, sheet2, sheet3)
4- Rename the copied sheets as NAMES1, PHONE1, ADDRESS1 etc.etc.
5- Copy all sheets of Project_RMSH and Paste it in Result_PROJ.
6- Rename these sheets as NAMES2, PHONE2, ADDRESS2 etc.etc.
7- Arrange sheets as NAMES1, NAMES2, PHONE1, PHONE2, ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2 etc.etc.
8- Now Compare from Rows no.3 in all sheets by sheet names (eg.NAMES1 with NAMES2, PHONE1 with PHONE2, etc.etc.)
9- If any cell is mismatched then fill color with red for the particular cell in NAMES1 and NAMES2 and so on for all the sheets.

10- If mismatch found, give msgbox in last "Bad Job" else "Good Job".

Sample file is attached for reference.

Bob Phillips
05-16-2005, 02:26 AM
Haven't looked at your workbook or anything, but Myrna Larson and Bill Manville have written a compare xla which can be downloaded at