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06-16-2010, 11:22 PM
Dear All,

I want to develop a user form in excel2007 or Access DB based on following information.
Each person has a unique ISD NO. For E.g (First Person ISD #. 1, Second Person ISD # 2. and so on upto 5000.)
Each ISD # is associated with Following details.
ISD # 1.
Name Abdul Hakim Khan
Nationality Indian
Passport #.
Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
Iqama #.
Iqama Issue date:
Iqama Expiry date:
LAbor Card:
Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
Reentry issue date:
Reentry Expiry Date:
Remarks About the person.
The same details would follow for all 5000 records.
For Excel form :

While opening the excel file :
I want a command button clicking on that uswer form initialized with following above details.
There is Add Details Button and Save Buttons and close form button.
Moreover,I want a search button in such a way that if i put ISD #, Name and Passport# Then all details of a particular person could be retrieved.

The records should be stored in sheet2 starting from Row2.
Row1 is for header.

I want a macro that flash me a message ( remind ) each day of 30 days in advance that Your passport is about to expire, Your Iqama is about to expire, Your reentry
is about to expire.Finally after expiration that particular record become REd in Color.

Plz Advise and help me how to develop this one.


Bob Phillips
06-17-2010, 12:30 AM
This is not a body-shopping forum. What have you done/tried so far?