View Full Version : Excel 2003/2007 - AutoComplete is inconsistent

01-01-2011, 11:20 AM
I've heard that blank cells can effect Excels AutoComplete feature, but unfortunately I am only able to have data in the cells directly below, not above.

-- When this happens it usually continues during several repeated attempts, but then soon "magically" starts working again. (even though all of the surrounding test data has not changed.

I'm thinking two possible remedies.
(1) Conditional formatting in the column, so that at least an apostrophe would always be present in the effected column (even if the contents have been cleared.

(2) Some sort of loop that adds an apostrophe to empty cells in the column.

If conditional formatting is a good option, does anyone happen to know the formula, along with if you'd be so kind to provide me with some brief directions on how to set that up (as I have never used it, and my boss is starting to get impatient)