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04-26-2011, 03:44 PM
I have this code that will open the page to my site. When the page open, how what code will click on the PayPal button to open the PayPal payment page?

Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, _
ByVal lpOperation As String, _
ByVal lpFile As String, _
ByVal lpParameters As String, _
ByVal lpDirectory As String, _
ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long

Sub Browser()
Call ShellExecute(0&, "OPEN", "http://www.pdtraveler.com/paymentcenter.htm", _
vbNullString, vbNullString, 3)
End Sub

04-26-2011, 04:03 PM
sorry i know I'm not meant to do this but i just signed up and don't know how to post a form/thread. Any help? thanks

Bob Phillips
04-27-2011, 05:15 AM
When you respond, click the Advanced button, and then Manage Attachments.

04-27-2011, 06:02 AM
In the upper left directly above where is says threads in forum, there is a "New Post" button. Click that to start a new thread and ask a question.

Is that what you were asking?