View Full Version : Extracting a users e-mail address

05-20-2011, 03:22 AM
This is cross posted but I'm not having luck from the other forum so, fingers crossed someone here might be able to help.

An application being developed generates a .csv file that is uploaded into a seperate non microsoft system, the intention is that an e-mail notification (errors etc) is automatically generated when that upload file is processed.
To enable this to work I need to be able to pass the user's e-mail address to the other system as part of the upload file.
Digging around I can find many ways of extracting the users network name or the id loaded into their instance of Excel. I have found a way of extracting an address from the global outlook address book provided the user id matches the name in the adress book which vitually never happens.
Assuming the user has outlook running at the time, is there a way of extracting the active user's 'sip' or 'smtp' address from the active outlook application?

Gary (aka Giz)