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06-03-2011, 09:56 PM
I hope this doesn't sound complicated :dunno I'm new here to VBAX so hi to all of you (currently working on a IS project for Toyota so any help is appreciated I'm sure I'll be here a lot!! I'll try and give back as much as I take.) (open)

So I set up an interesting spreadsheet that lets users enter in price information and then can click an "archive" button which then inserts a new cell, prompts for an archive name, and then stores it as a database which access then queries for the mass amounts of information. (summary)

The archive in column E:E has a bunch of price information and when the user clicks "archive" it then needs to compare the cells in F:F (archive location) to the old archive (now G:G) to show any price changes with a color. (Problem)

I need to compare each cell to the cell next to it and if they equal then change the new archive cell to yellow (to show no changes). I started an If Then Else function for each range but that's tedious and needs to be programed for each individual cell *yawn*

And lookup function on conditional formatting that says if cells("E:E") = cells("F:F") then color that cell yellow.

Thanks for all your help!

Simon Lloyd
06-03-2011, 11:59 PM
Simply, highlight the column where you would like the colour change (assuming it's column F) then go to FORMAT>CONDITIONAL FORMATTING in the dropdown change from Cell Value Is to Formula IS, so if you are putting the results in column F but are comparing column E with column G then your formula would be =E1=G1, choose a pattern or colour click OK, now your whole column will have the right condition for each cell.