View Full Version : EXCEL VBA code for assigning auto id

02-26-2012, 10:57 PM
Hi All,

I have made a simple user form in excel which captures travellers request. It captures details like travelling date, travller name etc.. and then records them to the excel worksheet. I wanted to add/modify to this user forms:

1) Assign an automatic id to the column A (preferrably in "DD-MM-new number" format).
2) Create a text box and its associated button to feed any particular id (created using above logic) from the worksheet and recall its associated data to the user form. so that I could do modifications to it and record a new entry in the worksheet.
3) create a text box and a button to find travel data for the traveller whose name is fed into the text box and reflect the result into a new worksheet. This means any travel details present in the main worksheet needs to be captured and put into a new sheet everytime the find button is clicked.

Would request support in generating code for the above, from you guys. I am new to excel and any help (even with my logic above) would be really helpfull.

Thanks u guys..