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James Niven
10-22-2012, 04:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

Looking for help on this!

I have a spreadsheet with about 30,000 rows. What I would like to do is search the data from a Userform with 6 different search criteria text boxes on 6 different columns but not all at once.

I did a little checking myself and found the Manufacturer Database Form which fits my bill pretty good.
I have been adapting it to my needs, but I have run into some issues trying to get this working.

I have been searching on Frequency at present from the search form and does find the number of instances for what I enter, but it is not filtering the spreadsheet for what I request and does not return any values, clearly I have broke something somewhere but have not found it.

My test file is named Test, I have also included the working spreadsheet from which I am adapting my spreadsheet from as a reference.

Would someone please be kind enough to point out or assit me to get this working, please keep in mind I am learning VBA!