View Full Version : Solved: Spacing inconsistent in custom menus

03-18-2013, 10:08 AM
Hi all!

I am working on createing some custom tabs for the Word 2010 ribbon and setting it up in the Custom UI Editor. On each tab I have groups, menus, and buttons.

On the first tab I set up, the buttons in the dropdown for the menus are all spaced pretty tightly together, even with the separator lines in between each button...except for one instance where there is alot of space between. I was unable to close up the space on that one.

On the second tab, which I am creating today, there's alot of space between all the buttons (again I am using the separator line in between each button).

I am not doing anything differently that I can tell... in fact I copied the code in the Custom UI Editor for the first tab and am using it as my starting point for the second tab. Why is the spacing inconsistent and how can I fix it? I have 15 buttons in one dropdown menu and they'd all be visible if there weren't so much space after each button.



03-21-2013, 06:12 AM
Can you post the file? (Doesn't need any code or data)

03-21-2013, 08:09 AM
In the process of setting up a sample file to post, I figured this out!

When I defined the menus in the Custom UI Editor, I included "itemsize=large" in some of the menus (it must have been in the code I copied from a sample template I used). In some other menus I didn't include it (because it wasn't included in the sample code I used for those).

If itemsize is set to "large", I will get more spacing between the buttons, even if the button text is only 1 line. If I leave itemsize out, the size is "normal" and the buttons will appear closer together.

I also figured out that if I've included descriptions for the buttons but don't set itemsize to "large", the descriptions won't show. That did happen to me as I was setting up the ribbon code and I had no idea what I had done, so I started that menu over by copying code that looked right and changing the text.