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07-18-2013, 06:17 AM

Been making a spreadsheet on VBA for a couple of weeks now and have had various amounts of help with it on here as I am a bit of Rookie when it comes to VBA.

Trying to set up a userform to have a set of users that log on to the spreadsheet with a specified username and password which is stored on the sheet. This is currently active but needs some amendments.

I have added a button so that people not able to log on but who need to see it can open the document as a read only file. Ive had no luck with the code as I think it clashes with the logging on code.

Basically to make it simple this is what I need help with.

Amendments to the current code to make 2 access levels for users. 1 for people who can see the "USERS" tab and 2 for people who cant.
code written for the read only button on the userform so that people who dont log in can just see the data without editing it.I have attached a copy of the document in a ZIP file (its quite big). if anyone could take a look at it for me I would be so grateful!
the Password for the Username "David.Thair" is dave1 and all the sheets are unprotected.



07-18-2013, 07:35 AM
When they click on "Read Only," disable the relevant CommandBars, (Menus.)

Before the book is closed or saved, enable the command bars.