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Zack Barresse
07-14-2004, 11:33 AM
Hello, I have downloaded a DLL file from mark007's web site (here (http://www.markrowlinson.co.uk/downloads.php)). The file in question is the Indenter.dll, download for VBA - not the VBScript version.

I know this may sound silly, but how do you register this? I'd like to use it, as I've been hoping there was one out there, then I found Mark's site! (Whoohoo!)

Thanks! :)

07-14-2004, 11:42 AM
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he put a demo for registering dlls just below it.

Sorry, I know it's a long ways down, but you can do it.

ROFL . . . Good Luck, let me know if you can't get it.

07-14-2004, 11:42 AM

How about:

regsvr32.exe [path\file.dll]

From the commandprompt,

Edit: Hehe - One scroll down...


Zack Barresse
07-14-2004, 11:48 AM

Gee, thanks Mr. Obvious. I never put 2 and 2 together. (Radio show comedy). Thanks Anthony!!


Worked like a charm! Thanks! Out of curiosity, where'd you come up with that one? Is that a common command, and I just don't know bout it? Used in VB, .NET, VBScript? Just trying to learn the ropes! :)

07-14-2004, 11:59 AM
It has been around for ages but nowdays I use a setup-program that do the work for me like Wise.

Kind regards,

07-15-2004, 02:36 AM
All the script does that you didn't notice (:rolleyes: LOL ) is add a couple of registry entries so that:

regsvr32.exe path

is called from the right click context menu of a dll.

BTW, hope you like the indenter, I find it invaluable as I'm not a neat enough coder to do it myself! I used the same code for the indentation on the VBA tags here - I just converted it from VB to PHP. There are a couple of keywords it misses which I think are: Enum and Type but I've never been fussed enough to recompile it. If you notice any others though let me know and I'll add them in.


Zack Barresse
07-15-2004, 07:22 AM
BTW, hope you like the indenter

Love it!! :yes