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01-27-2015, 09:31 AM
:pVBA program has been running for five years and suddenly the macro “EXECUTE” button is non-operative. Entering the VBA developer and using “run” the program appears to run perfectly. I have verified that macros are enabled in the File/Options/Trust Center and restarted Excel, repaired Excel, and tried Excel 2007 and Excel 2013 all with no help. I have four versions of the program and they all have the same problem. I have tried running them on another computer. Help please? I am not the original VBA programmer and I cannot find in the VBA code where the Execute button is defined. I can find the start of the overall VBA program, place a cursor there, and can use the VBA "run" command on the ribbon to execute the program flawlessly. There are several instances of execute buttons to complete individual pages by themselves and they do not work either. I have up loaded the program to wikisend file sharing service if you need it. The file ID is 320190. Out of design mode there is no response at all. I put it into design mode and hit the button. The button object goes into the mode to allow me to re-position the button on the page. The function line (fx) shows cmdExecute in the name field and =EMBED("Forms.CommandButton.1"," ") in the function field. Other than the changes in these fields, there is no response. I tried to look up EMBED to see how it works but there is no help for EMBED. I also tried to search for the function to find it in the VBA code to see how it fit and was unable to find it.
. I wrote this program when I was 75yrs old with the aid of a friend that was an expert on VBA (he is gone - I overworked him) I am now 81 and it is not getting any easier. Have mercy in your explanations. I did put up two political web sites last year and put to sleep a six year running free investment web sit this year. (This is an investment research model that has 26 years of monthly data on 50 asset classes. If you look at the results sheet (FullCase2) you will see that over 26 years it has beaten the market by a wide margin. I am starting on another web site on how to fight terrorism. So I am not a dummy but still, it is hard going at 81.7 years. I greatly appreciate your help.

Bob Phillips
01-27-2015, 10:32 AM
Maybe it is this issue

There is a link in that blog post to this KB entry: