View Full Version : using conbo boxes to populate data into text boxes

03-06-2015, 03:11 PM
ok ... i know basically zero about vba coding these days.
I did vba AND vb.net MANY years ago but have forgotten everything i learned back then and have had trouble finding any kind of working solutions.

what i have is a spreadsheet with numerous worksheets that i am then making a userform to input data and that data will then be sent to a word document for printing.

what i need to know is how to link the combo and text boxes.

so .. combo1 has 6 items .. when item 1-5 are selected then text1 shows one line of text from sheet 2 cell a1 and text2 shows sheet2 cell a2 but if entry 6 is chosen then the returned data come from cells a3-4

combo 2 will return data from sheet 3 however each of the selections in combo 3 must be linked to only ONE specific cell

and then a "GO" button to make the data print out in word for printing.