View Full Version : Help in Userform and data

10-06-2015, 05:35 AM
I am thankful for your support and guidence, I am stuck again.

I have created a Userform with LDDate control but unable to get the value on the sheet kindly guide with the below code:

Cells(emptyRow, 1).Value = Me.AdvTB.Value
Cells(emptyRow, 2).Value = Me.CompTB.Value
Cells(emptyRow, 3).Value = Me.PolNoTB.Value
Cells(emptyRow, 4).Value = Me.DOC.Value

AdvTB is Text Box
CompTB is Text Box
PolNoTB is Text Box
DOC is LDDate

All text boxes value are captured from the form but these values are not. I want the vlaue of selected date in my worksheet.

:crying::crying::crying:HELP HELP.