View Full Version : vba userforms - transparency png premultiplied alpha channel

10-09-2015, 01:52 AM
hi Guys

Seeking a solution to via VBA to import a UserForm a PNG file that includes an integrated 32-bit premultiplied alpha channel and evaluate its transparency or presenting leaves

- With a few lines of code to the UserForm can completely transparently (so far so good)
- It can be used without problems, a GIF file that only a straight alpha channel contains imported> problem with GIF files only direct alpha channel included is the Transparency "hard" and there can be no "soft" transition, ie no semitransparent pixels Ex. A Soft Shadow or antialiasing are enabled.
- I have a script which one found its alpha channel can be replaced by any color load a PNG file and that makes the graphics but not "Transparent" Ex file attached.
- As an alternative to PNG file with integrated channel would suffice me a solution that works with an external or separate alpha channel, so basically a Color.jpg and ALPHA.JPG file how it is for example in 3D Studio
- About the GDI + API that should be possible only because I know myself too little

Thank you for your efforts - Has anyone a sexy solution?