View Full Version : Excel 2013 is changes all General formatting to Date formatting...

10-23-2015, 02:49 PM
A few days ago I opened a spreadsheet that I've been working on heavily for the past few weeks to find everything previously formatted as "General" was now formatted as "Date."

I initially thought this was an issue with my Excel Template because the cells I noticed first used the same custom styles. However, those styles just change the font and then I noticed that literally every blank cell was a date format now. As I'm mainly concerned about the populated cells I thought a quick fix might be to modify the previously mentioned styles with number formatting, which didn't do anything. I went to one of the cells with that formatting and had to select the formatting again for it to change.

My research indicates that this is a bug within Excel, but I'm hoping someone here can shed more light on it or/and perhaps a solution or quick fix. In particular, if this really is a bug, is it within the spreadsheet, in just your local copy of Excel, or is it in all of Excel 2013?

Thank you in advance! This is killing me...