View Full Version : Referring formulas to next row in spreadsheets (Shapes)

11-17-2015, 02:04 PM
Hi all,

I'm working on a workbook that has 3 sheets. One is for raw data "Data", one is for data that has been manipulated with logic formulas "Data with Logic", and one is for a summary that will be uniquely generated for each individual with data available "1,2...100". The purpose of this project is to include our data and the product all in one spot so we can automatically generate a summary for participants without wasting time.

I need to make 100 summaries as there will be 100 individuals. Each summary presents their unique health data as determined by each row of "Data with Logic". These summaries present their health outcomes in shapes rather than cells (for aesthetics). As you cannot include logic formulas in a shape, I have each shape referring to cells in "Data with Logic", which is the purpose of this spreadsheet.

Currently only "1" is filled out according to the appropriate row in "Data with Logic" as I would like to automate this process. All of the shapes in the summary sheet "1" that refer to cells in "Data with Logic" refer to row 3. I would like the next summary "2" to refer to the next row (4) and continue until we have 100 summaries that each sequentially refer to rows of data in "Data with Logic".

I have a blank summary sheet that contains no text within the shapes ("Template") as well as the one that contains the references to row 3 of "Data with Logic".

Could someone help me figure out the steps I need to take to generate these 100 summaries without editing each formula to match the next row? I have heard that a loop within print macro might be the way to go, but am unsure of how to approach this.

Any help is much appreciated and if you have any questions on clarity please feel free to ask.