View Full Version : Is it possible to convert a database with VBA macro in web page?

01-06-2016, 01:10 PM
I'm creating a database for my job.
I'm thinking about finding a way for our sellers to create quick orders. I'm thinking about something like :
Home page - Buttons referring to category of products going to next page
New buttons page with sub-category referring to next
New buttons page referring to precise search...
Then List of product with fliters according to the button used...

Seems pretty dumb like that but my sellpersons are still doing everything with paper and pen ... sending it by fax... I'm trying to make things easy and quick for them and just make them learn how to filter a list seems kind of huge...

Anyway, I just realized that on mobile, everything is screw. No VBA possible...
And even going back to make them learn how to filter, ... the arrows buttons are impossible to click...

So, is it possible to make VBA code into a webpage ?
I only need them to filter a list of items, write few numbers in a colomn and send it to me by e-mail !

Do you have a genius idea to help me solve that ?