View Full Version : Specified table rows copy from Sheet to another sheet

03-15-2016, 01:53 AM

First of all thank you for all the help on this topic.

I would need Macro to do the below.

Let say I have one database with few thousand lines of data.
On column A I have multiple rows with same text file in the cells.
And on the B,C,D,E and so on I have different data on each row.

I would like to have macro in case I select on Sheet2 the same text what is in column A then he copies only that rows what contains that text exactly. I will also add two photos how i would like to have it. I think it is easier to understand.

And above this I also would like to have option by button push, to create separate Excel sheets for each individual name tables and save it on specific folder.
So for the attached photos I would have A,B,C,D file saved on the hard drive with only containing the Sheet2 and rows belonging to each name.

Thank you for your Help.