View Full Version : Need help creating a formula for multiple sheets of data that will tie into a chart

04-06-2016, 09:26 AM
Ok....So here is what I'm needing some help on:

I have created a workbook (blank for now) with 6 sheets that I'm needing to pull a little data from( Amerigroup Medicaid, Amerigroup Medicare, Molina Medicaid, Molina Medicare, United Healthcare Medicaid, and United Healthcare Medicaid). I have created a drop-down list for the "Level of care" cells. I am needing to create a chart on a new sheet in this workbook. Depending on what "Level of care" is selected from the drop down-list, I need what was "Billed" for that corresponding level of care AND the level of care to tie into a chart. I need this for every week of every sheet. I'm guessing the SUMIF function? On this chart, it just needs to reflect what we are spending on the 5 levels of care throughout the year. That way, we stay on top of budget plans. A simple chart will do, I'm just having trouble getting the data(coming soon) to roll into a chart.

The problems:
1) I have blank spaces in between the different weeks of the month and I do not want to get rid of them, due to the flow of the chart.
2) I have multiple sheets
3) My Excel knowledge is scarce so I have no idea why they would assign me this task :)

My workbook is attached. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.