View Full Version : Creating Chart Via VBA

Amr Habib
04-12-2016, 05:27 AM
i am trying to create a chart in Excel sheet using a macro but i can't manage to put the created chart in its exact location identified by the macro i don't know why, MY VBA lines are attached. what happen the chart keep created in Top of Cell B20 what ever i tray to change it also the width of the chart is only starting from B20 to H20 and its not changing what ever i make to it even i make it . Width = Range("B20:O34").width it keep created with the same width of Range(B20:I34) also i have another problem that the cells values that are used as a source data for those charts are picked up from another sheets using a VLOOK-UP function along with IFERROR function and some of those cells contains a text that keep make zeros values in the chart and i cannot make another IF Function inside the equation because it gets me inside a circular run for the equation. Thanks