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04-27-2016, 02:28 AM
Hi all

Not sure how to perform this in excel, let alone to try and translate it into VBA code.
some background, im trying to build a ratingsystem in excel to rate soccerteams
i have date in a format :

date played/ hometeam name/ away team name/ hometeamrating / hometeawayrating/ awayteamrating/awayteamhomerating

- a team has both an home and away rating so thats why above there are 4 ratings

what i need to do is for a new match I have two teams:

example : arsenal -chelsea

for both teams i need to lookup the previous value in one of the four columns ,

take arsenal as an example, its previous match could have been an home macht ( so we look up the previous rating in the column , hometeamrating) or an away match ( so we need to look up its previous rating in the column awayteamhomerating)

whatever value is the one found first should be put there

there is probably not a direct way of doing this, and I setup a system with helpercolumns that was more or less working but due to delayed matches the system is not working..

attached the dataset im looking at..


04-28-2016, 04:47 PM
Which columns correspond to the 4 ratings above?