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08-15-2016, 01:29 AM

I need your help, I have an exel file who contain an historic of performances of a portfolio, so many informations are in this file, and I want to make a "Custom Range" who will permit me to see the % of Nav, % Price Var, % FX Var %Realised P&L, %Int/Dvd and %Total.

As you can see on my file (who is cut as 95% ....) is used a SUMPRODUCT Formula to create my custom range, if the date is in my range then 1, if not 0. And now I want to expand it, because the recap of performance who appear at the right in the PERFORMANCE EURO sheet will be bigger or shorter so I need a macro who permit to adapt my formula automatically.

And in a second time, I have a problem for %NAV, I need to make a sum of them and then make a division by the umber of term, how can I do that ? I know that's not relly good to make an average of percentages but that's ok for my professor so...

You can file the file as attachement.


Thank you for your answers

08-16-2016, 02:45 AM
Is this based upon an assignment request by your professor?