View Full Version : Split Multiple worksheets to Multiple Workbook based on Column Value

09-01-2016, 06:12 PM

I'd really appreciate if someone could help on my splitting issue: I have a large file, and need to split regularly based on a column value (i.e. Sales name),

1. there are 4 worksheets in the workbook. Worksheet 1 has data, worksheet 2 is Pivot table based on Worksheet 1's date, worksheet 3 has data, and worksheet 4 is pivot table based on worksheet 3.
2. say Column X in worksheet 1, and Column T in worksheet 3 are sales name. I need to split worksheet 1 and 3 based on the Same sales name (Column X and T) into different workbooks.
3. and I want to keep worksheet 2 and 4 (Pivot tables), and update data sources to the new spitted data worksheets.(worksheet 1, 3)
4. Save Individual workbook using the sales name (cell value)

so to summarize, original master workbook has 4 worksheets (worksheet 1,3 are data, containing sales name, worksheets 2,4 are pivot table based off worksheet 1,3). After spiting, New workbooks also need to have 4 worksheets like the original workbook, but worksheet 1,3 only has data for 1 sales name. i.e. if the master file has 10 sales name, then 10 workbooks will be created for each one of them, save as their sales person's name.

I understand this is probably complicated, and require lot of thoughts, Many thanks!!