View Full Version : Copy one cell of a worksheet of a workbook and paste to a master workbook many times

09-07-2016, 03:01 AM
Hi all, I am hoping you can help me.

I will have 20 workbooks that have identical structures. Each workbook has four worksheets that have identical structures.

I want to have a vba code that goes through each respective worksheet, copies the same cell reference and paste it to a master worksheet. Once, the first worksheet cycles through the 20 workbooks, then the master workbook will go to a second worksheet and do this process again for the second workshop for all 20 workbooks and so on until the fourth worksheet is completed.

I have attached a sample of what the layout looks like for the workbook.

I appreciate any help you can give.

09-08-2016, 12:54 AM
Hi all, any help will be greatly appreciated...

Is my question unclear?