View Full Version : Copy Filtered Visible Data from one workbook to another workbook with Filtered Field

02-20-2017, 07:50 AM
Hi, there
I have 2 files with the file Name - Examples 3a & Examples 3b. In the Example 3a file, Column "F" with Header SST# is filtered and I want to copy the Visible Value of Column "I" & "J" from Example 3a file to Column "I" & "J" of Example 3b file.

Regarding Example 3b file, the Column "F" with Header "SST#" is filtered. Also, the Column H with the Header "Mill and Vdr" is filtered in order to match with Example 3a file.

Would you please help to write the macro for copying filtered visible data from one worksheet to the destination worksheet with the filtered field? :help