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03-07-2017, 03:24 PM
I am trying to create a Ribbon in Access 2007, not having fun. I created the USysRibbons table and put my XML code in. The Ribbon shows up and my icon is displayed. What I am having trouble is that the button will not function! I don't know why?? I tried to declare:

Public ribbon as IRibbonUI

but the module does not pick up IRibbonUI..... Is there a Reference that I need to add?? I don't think so..... Excel just picks it up.

my XML

<customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2009/07/customui">
<ribbon startFromScratch="false">
<tab idMso="TabCreate" visible="false" />
<tab id="dbCustomTab" label="Personal Safety" visible="true">
<group id="dbCustomGroup2" label="Data Loader">
<button id="RunMyMacro" imageMso="GroupOrgChartArrange" label="Data Loader" size="large" onAction="LoadData()"/>

So, in my module I should have this:

sub LoadData (control As IRibbonControl)

once again, it does not know what "IRibbonControl" is

03-08-2017, 10:00 AM
Solved it, the missing reference is MS Office 14.