View Full Version : Excel Userform - how can I send an HTML email using data from the userform with image

Iggy Soup
03-06-2018, 04:35 AM
Hi all

I am developing a workbook which uses a userform to send a thank you to colleagues

the userform stores the information and then generates an email based on the variables in the form

All of this works and I can generate a basic email in html, however I need the email to be branded and it includes two images (company logo and a thank you image and to include the background colours

I have got the html code from the source of the email which needs to be sent, (I'm guessing this is what is required) I just don't know how to include this in the vba

Ideally I would use 3 of the variables (the recipient, the name of the sender, and the body of the text (also from the form)

I hope this all makes sense - I've searched a lot of places but nothing seems to answer my query- any ideas anybody please?