View Full Version : Macros to copy from desirable worksheets to the same worksheets in another workbook

03-25-2018, 09:51 PM
Hello, everyone.
I ask for your cooperation as I was looking for the internet but I could not find the right solution.
I'm looking for a macro to do the following:
I have two working books:
The first is the base workbook.
I have many worksheets in it, but from specific Array names (that, the one, the other, etc.) I have accumulated information for many years back.
In the second workbook I have exactly the same worksheets with Array names (that one, the one, the other, etc.)
What I'm trying to do:
1st: Open the base workbook
2nd: Of 78 worksheets, I find myself desirable with the specific names
3rd: In column A1, I filter a desired month (for example, 02.2018) - here I'm looking for a macro that fits the selected date on all selected sheets.
4th: now, I open my second workbook and filter it already on the same worksheet. (or so: copy from Peaches worksheet and set in the second "Peaches" worksheet from A2 - down).
I'm also getting an example
21919 21920
I'd be grateful if someone can help me.
Thank you in advance.