View Full Version : acad - list xrefs with last saved dates

12-02-2005, 07:58 PM
Veeery new to VBA and I'm still thinking lispy, but here goes.

How can I list the xrefs in a drawing and include their respective last saved dates? This would give a plotted (or visual only) record of exactly what xrefs were used in a particular drawing. The last saved date would have to update somehow as the xrefs are updated. Gotta believe this would be useful in showing what version of each xref file was used to create the current drawing.

I'm picturing the user selecting an xref; routine gathers xref path, xref name and last saved date; this info ghosting on screen allowing user to select the best insertion point; placing the text. The text would be set to its own layer which could be a plotting or non-plotting layer depending on the circumstances. The xref saved dates could then be updated either by running the routine or possibly just upon opening the drawing.