View Full Version : [SOLVED] Organising a gallery

06-20-2018, 06:39 AM
I have created a gallery that has a number of icons in it and when a user selects an icon, it will insert it onto the slide. My question is this: Is it possible to organise a gallery so that I can break up the icons into logical groups?

So far, I've only found out how to specify the width of the gallery using the "columns" property, however the sets are of varying length and the ribbon will always fill up the entire row before moving onto the next.

Ideally, I'm aiming for something similar to how the embedded drawing gallery works, as that breaks the shapes up into Lines, Rectangles etc. I realise that you can't embed directly into the ribbon which is fine.

A second, less perfect solution would be to set a column width equal to the widest group and then pad smaller groups with blank icons that cannot be selected or highlighted.


06-21-2018, 07:06 AM
After a bit of research I'm convinced that this isn't possible and it is one of those things that MS put into the ribbon that they didn't provide development tools for.

I've gone for the second option and included a number of spacer icons that pad out remaining columns. To do this I had to make sure every icon is exactly the same size and the spacers were white to match the background of the gallery. I then included a catch in my VBA code exit the sub if a spacer was clicked on.