View Full Version : Copying Sheet into Master Sheet

07-13-2018, 09:09 AM
This may have a simple solution already, but after a few hours of googling for this solution I'm having absolutely no luck.

To help understand the context, I am running a piece of equipment that tests a sample and generates an excel file with the results which I am trying to save. I've tried a simple save as code with the date and time, but the problem arises when the excel file name that this equipment is linked to is changed and it can't recognize the OLE link anymore.

To remedy this, I thought a macro could be written to open a master sheet, copy a certain sheet from the active worksheet, paste it into the master file named with the time and date, and save & close the master, leaving the original workbook untouched and the data all in a central location.

Any help to avoid wasting hours at work would be incredibly appreciated!

**Title should be Master file, not master sheet.