View Full Version : Adding Slide in Powerpoint via Excel VBA

08-08-2018, 01:20 PM
I am using Excel 2010 with
Added References of Microsoft PowerPoint 14.0 Object Library

and I am trying to copy an Excel Chart into Powerpoint. It is debugging on the code stating 'Run-time error: 424: Object Required' on this code:

newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.AddSlide(1, ppLayout).Application.Activate

I am stuck on trying to add a slide. I checked other forums and they use other libraries like 15.0 but I am using 14.0 and I am having issues. Any help would be appreciated.

Dim newPowerPoint as PowerPoint.Application
Dim activeSlide as PowerPoint.Slide

Set newPowerPoint = New PowerPoint.Application

If newPowerPoint.Presentations.Count = 0 Then
End If

newPowerPoint.Visible = True

newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.AddSlide(1, ppLayout).Application.Activate