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03-10-2019, 04:49 AM
I managed to patch some codes sourced from this and other forums and right now im stuck.

>> Update button only updates columns on the resultbox. I tired modifying the code that populates worksheet on page1, and tried other codes from different threads but I still cant get it to work.

Please help..

update button should also update columns G,H,I of worksheet if "PASS", and update G,H,I together with 2 uploaded images in columns J & K if selection is "FAIL"

also i've set the resultbox into multiselect, Im looking for the possibility to update multiple selections at once instead of ticking "PASS" and updating them one by one... current script enables the user to select multiple BUT only updates 1 selection.. No need for this if item is "FAILED" since I'm requiring user to upload pics if thats the case..

no codes yet for the Controls section on page 2 will seek help again from you guys if I can't work 'em out

The worksheet contains dummy data so no need to worry bout the contents.
Also, forgive me for the messy codes. I've no idea with regards to coding aesthetics yet heheheh.

03-13-2019, 02:44 AM
This is a mismatch of codes
1st you need to sort your database no blank columns or hidden rows!
2nd you need to provide a step by step guide of what your trying to achieve?
3rd there is a lot of work here to cure in a instance! its virtually a rewrite cause nothing works as it should

03-14-2019, 08:57 PM
Goodnes somebody did reply!!


Will try the no spaces and no hidden rows part that you said. Coz i was using an advanced filter in place when populating items on the listbox so there'll be hidden rows there..

Will get back tou you with that one.

2nd item is that

I have a multipage (2 tabs) userform. On the first tab user hasto record data. The code populates list box items on worksheet

the 2nd tab should be used by another user to update status of the serials submitted on the first page. And update the listbox together with the data on the worksheet....

3rd. Im using trial and error on terms.. what exact term should i use coz i cant find a hit on update database. They always come with repopulating textboxes before updating the data on worksheet.