View Full Version : HELP!! Disappearing Cursor during Flash Play

04-19-2006, 03:00 PM
Hi, I?m having a problem in a Excel userform, when userform contains a Shockwave Flash File and I type in a textbox my cursor disappears completely and then I have to click on another open application and then return to my form to get my cursor back, it?s very strange. Even stranger, this only happens when I set the WMode (in the Flash Properties) to Transparent or Opaque but not Window. I need the flash to be Transparent or Opaque so I can put textboxes or buttons over the flash. It only happens when I type in a textbox, and the textbox doesn?t have to be over the flash for this error to happen, also the flash doesn?t have to be playing. I don?t know if I need to change any of my flash properties or if there is a work around. THANKS!