View Full Version : MS Project: Annotating Network Diagram View

05-16-2006, 07:25 PM
I am running Project2000. I wish to add annotation to the Network Diagram
View of a given project. The annotation could be in any readable form that
stays approx where I place it. Something akin to a "textbox" in
Excel/Word/etc would be fine. There is a text box capability in Project, but it only works in Gannt view :dunno.

I tried creating a new type of task box and linking the display to
the task's Notes field. That works, but the box can be only "so big" and,
thus, I am severely limited re how much text can be displayed for a given
"text box".

I have posted this query to the MS Support forum, but no one had any ideas, so maybe some VBA.

I have done a modest amount of VBA for MSProject, but before I wade in, has anyone every done/tried to do this before.