View Full Version : Problem resolving names which are also prefixes in Outlook

06-15-2006, 05:08 AM

I've got some code that sends emails in Outlook from Excel. It works fine for 99% of our user's, however if the 'To' list contains a name that is a prefix of another, eg:

To: Smith, Steve
Also in GAL: Smith, Steve R

...then the name 'Smith Steve' won't resolve and the message stays in the Drafts folder.

Resolving the name manually brings up a small dialog box entitled 'Check Names'. It goes on to say there's more than one 'Smith, Steve' and lists the possible addresses.

I know I'll be passing the correct name, is there a way I can instruct Outlook to accept my suggestion without user intervention?

Thanks in advance!

Office 2k / Win 2k